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Hi all,

We are continuing to investigate reports of players who are unable to login to certain characters. We understand the frustrations that these issues can cause and we're working on getting this resolved as quickly as possible.

To help us look into this, there's some steps we'd like you to take and some information that we'd like you to provide below.

If you have a character that is affected by this please attempt to log into the character that’s having the issue and wait at least 10 minutes for the character to log in – even if the cog stops spinning.

If you are able to login:
  • How long did it take?
  • Where were you when you logged in? (Planet/Area)

If you were not able to login;
  • How long did you wait?

Thanks for your patience thus far.
Waited 30 min for my character Holymose to log in to harbinger..... nothing tried restarting game and waited another 15 min nothing. selected another character worked fine.
Given that I've had issues with this game from the start and only had it a week I'm rather disappointed with the whole thing. First and currently my main char is unplayable, that's after having to jump through numerous hoops just to get the game to load properly. Initially the "pink" screen caused alot of issues which still makes me wonder how hard is it to fix?? I mean I can't play the game full screen and during most starfighter games I can't properly control my craft cause I have multiple monitors.. seeing as I PAY for this gaming service I expect at least some moderate ability to play the game. Having to jump through all these hoops is tiresome, if you want to maintain your cashflow (Jobs) fix this or at the very least compensate those affected by this and try communicating with an actual response the canned messages are very tiresome and annoying.