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make sure bellow is account wide - ends up cheaper in a long run

artifact equipment unlock, section x, hide head slot, unify colors, companion customization, crew skill slot, insert how many you need here skill bars unlock, guild vault access, display titles (legacy and regular) I think that's it actualy. not sure about cargo hold unlock - I'm reasonably sure prefered get it regardless, but I'm going to test it out just out of curiosity. I used to have event equipment authorization, but it seems to no longer be needed.
oh and stock up on passes for your preferred activity - operation passes are definitely needed if you raid, flashpoint passes - only if you run those daily.

that said - before you can buy those on GTN - someone had to have purchased them from cartel shop, so bioware still makes money.

I do still think that there should be at least one time unlock for quest reward boxes.
Thanks. And yeah, preferred have to unlock cargo holds. And I've never understood blocking quest rewards of any kind. Especially those boxes, as they're mostly just vendor trash green/blue anyway.