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I think you see it more from people who play a lot of F2P games and then try this one out. It's pretty restrictive and some of the restrictions are just silly. I mean you're really going to ask people to pay to hide their helm or unify colors? Obviously that's not crucial to gameplay, but it's still a really petty (very EAish) thing to charge for. It's hard to go from a sub to preferred and still play this game. Especially if you've played around with the Rift F2P system. It's much much better.

I enjoy certain aspects of this game, but their F2P system isn't one of the strong suits.
this basically. tried both f2p and "buy to play, subscription optional" games.

and personally, I'm absolutely ok with a lot of the features being paid for. what i'm NOT ok with some of the basic features (like, oh - opening quest rewards) being restricted to subscription only. and no, they need not be free. but they SHOULD be unlockable, just like hide head slot and unify colors and artifact equipment and more FTN slots and all the crew skill slots and weekly operations pass etc etc etc - are unlockable.
it doesn't need to be full access for nothing. but there SHOULD be flexibility to said access. adding escrow purchasable with cartel coins was a step in a right direction IMO.
I understand why they may not want to give preferred/f2p access to certain features or at least reduce effectiveness. I don't like some of them, given my experience with other MMO's but I can to a degree understand. vendors being more expensive? is fine. getting your speeder piloting 10 levels later? again, absolutely fine. only 3 companions able to go out and no crew skill que? again - fine. mailing just one item instead of 8? also fine. restricting quest rewards? wut?