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In a sense but not quite. Would you be happy paying for an expansion like Makeb again? That had zero class stories. What if the devs decided to go back and add, again over the course of a year, class stories to Makeb? All the assets are there, they just create a questline for one of the professions and then sell it?
No I would not be happy, in fact It would probably be enough for me to finally quit this game for good. I pay 15 bucks a month for this game, $15 to not have to worry about whether I have to pay even more money to enjoy this game.

Imo bioware has already stepped over the line and screwed subs by charging them to transfer ship req in gsf, if they start charging subs for story content too it will be the final straw and the choice to go play one of the new games that haven't failed and adopted a f2p model will be an easy one.