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Hello there, this is my 1st post in this forum and for some reason i have decided to post on a controversial topic. I was f2p just 14 days ago, all the things OP mentioned; these restriction made perfect sense to me. but things that did not make any kind of sense to me are :
1. f2p/preferred can't accept lock box/credit box from any quest reward except for crew missions.
2. f2p has only 2 quickbar.
3. pay to hide head slot.
4. pay to show title/legacy name.

Rest of the restrictions i understand completely. let's talk about those i mentioned above; even though many people before me raised question about those(i am frequent forum reader) but still let's discuss.

1st restriction : this restriction is just plain ugly, how much advantage those lock box or credit box provide to subscriber? after i became sub and now that i can take those lock boxes and credit boxes, i can see how worthless they are; anything they drop are found easily everywhere. more importantly these are quests rewards, when we complete a quest and all the rewards are lock boxes and we can't accept any of them because we are f2p/preferred it looks and feels ugly and disgusting. this restriction serves no purpose but to annoy players. it is even worse for returning players.
2nd restriction : monetizing quickbar? really? i am not going to name and shame here. but every piss poor excuse of mmorpg that are coming out recently; they come out with minimum 6 quickbars; just a few days ago one such game went into OBT and it has 8 quickbars; and they are not monetizing those quickbars. quickibars are standard ui feature every modern mmorpg must have and monetizing quickbar when the game itself only has total 6 is just low and petty. it is simply disgusting. i said it when i was f2p and i will still say it now that i am sub.
3rd restriction : it is also a simple ui feature in every piss poor mmorpg and Bioware is monetizing this feature. conclusion toward this is same as 2nd restriction.
4th restriction : same as 2nd and 3rd.

These should never been a part of f2p/preferred restriction. these are just plain ugly and show of poor business practice. i understand all other restriction and i totally support other restrictions but these i can never support even being a sub now. it will be great publicity and also great treat to returning players if Bioware were to remove these lowblows.