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For God's sake people. If you want to write condescending posts about F2P, write them in the third person and stop referring to the OP as "you" or "beggar" or what not. He can post in forums == he has subbed.

OT: As mentioned above, the credit cap and General chat post cap is to frustrate gold farmers. It obviously won't stop them completely, but it encumbers them. This is also why trade, mail, GTN, whisper, etc are blocked out to pure F2Pers (easily removable by a simple $5 purchase).

Emotes are just fluff. Doesn't matter if F2Pers get 'em or not.

I actually agree with nearly all the F2P restrictions. Except for the one restriction, Artifact Equipment. It crosses the fine line between P2Fluff and P2Win. I would actually have been happy if they had maintained the Event Gear restriction and removed Artifact gear restriction.

Other than that one thing, no, F2P restrictions are fine.
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