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01.10.2014 , 07:21 PM | #34
I have several characters that are affected by this, as I reported earlier. All of my characters on The Harbinger that were created before 2013, I believe. I cannot log into most of them (I have 15) -- that's six 55s, one 51, and several between 13 and 22.

However -- and this has been consistent -- even if I cannot log into any of my older characters, I can log into my newer characters, created in the last half of 2013. That's one level 15 and one level 18. Once I log into one of them, I can log out and log into any of my other characters.

This login problem is consistently an issue when returning from another server (I have legacies on two other servers). Oddly, neither Begeren Colony nor Ebon Hawk has the same issues, and most of my characters there were created in 2012 and 2013.

(I know there's a new thread for reporting issues, and once I'm done on EH tonight, I'll try and test how long it takes/if I can log on to The Harbinger).