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Could be a number of factors like microphone setup, having the flu that day, bad director, etc. I also noticed that the smuggler actress sounds a bit flat/depressed on Tatooine.
I hope they are smart enough to have a decent setup (and the game does rake in millions a month so they have no excuse for low budget studios). Honestly, I think if you don't tell an actress or actor the context of what they are saying you can get some weird results. It isn't bad, but I almost imagine someone handing the talent a list of 50 lines to say and going (read them! we can only afford you for an hour!).

"We meet at last." -> So who am I talking to? Is this a friend? Or an enemy my character wants to kill? JUST SAY IT TICK TOCK TIME IS MONEY!

"Which character am I again, I voice several." -> I DUNNO, THE WRITER IS GONE! HEY, STOP IT WITH THE BOTTLED WATER, YOU GET ONE ONLY ONE!

The inquisitor voice is quite well done, and an evolution of the voice isn't completely unreasonable. It might not be noticeable except for the fact that they use stock responses so often. I can sort of tell what has been recorded at release, and what has been recorded post release.

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