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Interesting. I've noticed some changes in the voices post Chapter 3. The inquisitor is definitely different, more gravelly, more drawn out. However, I don't think it is a different voice actor.

But honestly, a voice actor is simulating a voice as much as portraying a character. If they aren't getting good direction and a lot of time is elapsing between recordings there can be significant differences despite the talent remaining the same.

You guys do know that voice actors aren't like the crop we see in the latest pixar movie? You know, where Tom Hanks plays a character and uses that Tom Hanks voice? Those aren't voice actors, Billy West is a voice actor.

- Arcada
Agree, a lot of getting good voiceovers comes from a good director/producer. You can't just throw the actor in the booth and tell them to start talking. It takes proper direction and support so they have a contextual idea of what the writers are going for. I noticed the female consular sounds a bit different in the newer stuff compared with chapter 1-3 even though it's the same actress. Could be a number of factors like microphone setup, having the flu that day, bad director, etc. I also noticed that the smuggler actress sounds a bit flat/depressed on Tatooine.