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I find it hilarious when people complain about a voice for a Jedi lacks emotion.... The first phrase in the Jedi code is.... There is no emotion, there is peace.... This is also why I never felt so put off by the more static parts of acting by Hayden in the prequels. Because they are trained to not show emotion, but when he does, he really does show emotion... They are like animals! and I slaughtered them like animals! I hate them!!

But haters gonna hate....
The problem is that when you look at all of the other Jedi they too show emotion in their voices. The idea of no emotion seems to be more you dont act on emotion. You inevitably still have them and accidentally display them pretty consistently. I understand your point, but I dont think any other Jedi actually do it like the Consular does. Hell, Yoda shows more emotion in his words and he is one of the greatest consular of all time.