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I find it hilarious when people complain about a voice for a Jedi lacks emotion.... The first phrase in the Jedi code is.... There is no emotion, there is peace....
That's fine if you play a 100% Light Side male Jedi Consular, but emotionless doesn't work when the player is playing him Dark Side.

And yet that's still how the lines are delivered.

This isn't a diss on Nolan North. If anything, I suspect it was the VA director asking him to do that with the idea that Jedi=Serene and having a tin ear on how it would come off for anything other than that one note.

(It's also not the only time I've heard that kind of thing. Mark Meer as BroShep in ME1 was similar, but he grew beyond the flat delivery in the sequels. The difference with the m!Consular in the content beyond the core game may be due to a similar change in direction.)
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