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Well, lets call a spade a spade: the Jedi Code is wrong. The Jedi are a religious cult that follow an impossible and backwards dogma.

The Sith Code is much more in keeping with human behaviour as it can be used to justify pretty much anything.

- Arcada
Well... The Sith code goes too far in the other direction. While it embraces emotion it also tells you to follow your and remove yourself from empathy and conscience.
You're angry at your best friend? Hit him in the face till he begs you to stop, then continue to hit him more instead of reason and compromise.

Your other friend doesn't want to go and see the new Arnold movie? Hit them until they gives in and goes to the movie with you.

The Sith code is about you and you only and your removal of empathy and compassion and thought for others feelings and you enforcing your ideas and goals with violence.

You are always the one in the right you deserve this power and those who do not agree will perish
I'll make this completely clear, rookie--when you're in the field, what I say goes. Period!