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Yea, pretty much this. I think too many people misinterpret the line "there is no emotion, there is peace" and think it means jedi are supposed to be emotionless robots. That's where all the justifications for the consular's "emotionless" voice acting comes from.
Exactly, the code is an idea that followers of the Jedi strives for but that's all it is. Even in the Star Wars world everyone have human traits thus you can't be 100% on their chosen path because it's simply impossible unless you have a mental disorder which allows you to get obsessed by one topic.

You an further this by saying; are you left or right in politics? Even if you are voting for a specific politic party you won't agree 100% with their views because there is no organisation that is 100% like you individually.

The only ppl that do agree 100% with something are ppl with mental disorders ppl that chose to follow a church that kills its followers or the ppl who chose to follow Charles Manson and commit terrible crimes.

In real life we vote for the organisation or person that represent most of the ideas and dreams that we want to reach taht doesn't mean that we will agree on everything that person is speaking about unless it's a one question political party.

Even most light sided characters in the Star Wars world question their teachings or the Jedi code, the actions of their master because most of them are not blind followers (even though the Jedi technically are a religious cult).

And even so the masters doesn't always follow the code either, for example Mace Windu who instead of calling upon the Jedi Council chose to face Palpatine by himself and act out in violence. Master Yoda has also went against the code several times and so have Anakin , Qui-gon, Kyle Katarn and Ahsoka.
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