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That would definately be an issue if people had to queue for ages. is there that little population on the servers then?

Either way I do think perhaps the high lvls (45+) should be in their own bracket as every one I have talked to and all the post I have read seems to do little to no damage on this high lvls as a lvl 30 or below.
I wouldn't say there's that little population, just that little wanting to PVP. I go on The Ravager pvp server and get in instantly, I go on Nightmare Lands PVE server and am waiting maybe 10 minutes for a match to open up despite both servers displaying HEAVY/VERY HEAVY/FULL on them.

So it's probably a mix of a.) not a massive amount of the population PVPing because they are out doing quests and stuff, (this will obviously get better as more people hit 50 because then that's what they will be doing at end level where as right now they are focused on leveling) and b.) you'd further decrease the amount of people currently forming a match by making it only certain levels able to pvp each other.

If for example they made PVP inter-server like I read somewhere on here, that problem would vanish because you'd have ever person on the game queing for a warzone together so you could segregate them by level no problem and not face any issues with population.