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I find it hilarious when people complain about a voice for a Jedi lacks emotion.... The first phrase in the Jedi code is.... There is no emotion, there is peace.... This is also why I never felt so put off by the more static parts of acting by Hayden in the prequels. Because they are trained to not show emotion, but when he does, he really does show emotion... They are like animals! and I slaughtered them like animals! I hate them!!

But haters gonna hate....
I didn't hate ever, I don't understand where this idea is that I "hate" Nolan North's voice acting in Vanilla because that is very far from the truth.

I merely said that I preferred the new one and I've listened to it now through Oricon storyline, it's different in that it's a little more low key, there is a little of a "imperial" almost accent in the dialogue and it's a far less robotic.

If you listen to Kenobi's voice acting esp in The Clone Wars he does have a lot of emotion. The greatest example being his resentment towards Darth Maul and how he tries to remember his teachings to not let his anger with Maul become a personal vendetta.
The Jedi Code has never been about "don't have any emotions whatsoever" but rather about "being the master of your emotions" AKA being in full control never losing that control and act out in violence, anger, fear or selfishness.

A great Jedi Master can't always be on the correct path because as a human you will always have doubts but what a great Jedi Master can do however is that he/she can focus and not let their emotions control their choices instead of logic.

There's a name for ppl without emotions and it's called psychopaths.

Even great Jedi battles everyday with control when you no longer battle with control then you might just be individual that needs to be sent to a mental institute before you hurt someone

Star Wars is easier because there is always the right and the wrong path, unf reality is not as black and white and there is where the Jedi teachings flaws is
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