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Just a few of the reasons why premades ROFL faceroll pugs. Another good argument why premades should be matched with one another and pugs should just be facing other pugs.
So you agree that the majority of the pugs mindlessly fight in warzones and are incapable of the simplest things like situational awareness, finding priority targets, calling out objectives like incomings or who to attack.

Id be fine with whatever they do. I have actually been logging in this week and doing nothing but pugs. The two times I faced a premade was last night where there was one on voidstar that we won on kills after no one got the first door and one which we got stomped in a huttball as it was a full pug vs two premades. The last one didn't bother me at all, no one was grabbing the ball and everyone was more focused on fighting away from the ball or filling the ball carriers resolve before they got to the first fire traps.