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I always think it's funny how much everyone seems to dog on the male consular's voice, when Nolan North does the voice for some really iconic video game characters. He is in pretty much everything. And yet the consular is considered by many to be the worst voice over in the game.
I've really nothing big against the original by Nolan. The only problem I have with it is that because it lacks emotion (I do understand it's because you are in control of your emotions) it becomes dull to listen to and your character feels more like a robot then a personality.

Even Satele and have some different emotive states going on when you interact with her and for me it's much easier to feel attached to a character that can allow him/herself some emotive state because that is human for me.

I think Nolan does a great job with the dialogue for what it is but I don't necessary agree that being in control of your emotions = being a robot.

What always made me like Kenobi a lot from the Clone Wars series was that sometimes he could feel regret, passion, sorrow and sometimes he could be on a personal vendetta.

That's my only complaint with Nolan, his voice work leaves little to character development (it's a little better when you go gray and sometimes dark) and the new one is really great because there is some different tones and emotions going on when delivering the lines.
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