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A 250!+ reforged list of everything I have suggested that I still strongly believe are a good idea. over the last year or so. Enough to fill 4-5 packs alone.

Edit2: Dear Bioware, most of the stuff I have suggested Already exists in the game. as a unused game model version, ability glow based off another used or seen in the game, emotes(sith inq questline u see him sleeping in bed etc.) Or wouldn't require much effort. (add laser sight to guns, or simple blindfold)

Feel free to post suggestions guys, its a misc thread. toys, outfits, emotes. etc!

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Great thread Magnusheart!

Loving all the great ideas, keep them coming.

Edit: if any of the list actually becomes an item. I will highlight it with pink. =D
The Main misc list.
1. Light/Dark Side(red and gold glow) themed Body aura. (Does not break on combat. Does not have a duration, turns off on death, click on, click off. )
Edit: number 1 with SS ideas of what I mean.
Mystic Darkside Glow use. (purple)
Mystic Lightside Glow use. (gold)
Empowered Darkside use. (red)
Empowered Lightside use. (blue)

2. Datacron Heal items, One Jedi and one Sith themed.
3. More Blaster Rifles, Snipers, and Pistols with laser sights.
4. Lord Silthar's Sith Robes.
5. Master Nomen Kar's Jedi Robes. Made. "Ambitious Warrior" Galatic Ace pack.
6. Emperor Vitiate's Sith Robes. (and his brain mask)
7. Satele Shan's Robes. wooo made!
8 Star Forge Robes.
9. Darth Brandon's Robes
10. Revan's Maelstrom chest variant.(best for like reputation vendors 10-12)
11. Non cape Cassus Fett variant.
12. Short cape Darth Malak variant
13. Black Core-White Crystal Made, schematic.
14. Crimson Crystal. (Dark Red)
16. HK-47 Customization
17. HK-50 Customization. (No iron man core, all silver, blue lights)
18. Atriss Historian Robes. Made
19. Darth Traya's Robes (Kreia but black but this works its made).
20. Kath Hound Mount.
21. Combat Sparring emote. (use your weapon and practice combat moves think advanced flourish)
22. Collaspable Pistols. (Think cathar warstaff/bowcaster for blaster pistols)
23. Canderous Ordo merc suit. Made Hotshot pack.
24. Kotor 2 Jedi Master Robes. SO many will praise for this set.
25. Dark Blue Crystal.
26. Boarding Party's Republic Rifleman armor.
27. Exar Kun's Armor. Made
28. Voss Race
29. Short blade lightsabers.
30. Zesion Sha and Jal Shey force cult armor from Kotor 2.
31. Kotor 2 Malak Jedi Robes.
32. Arkanian Race
33. G0T0 Droid Pet.
34. T3-M4 Customization for the Jedi Knight.
35. Zaalbar Customization for Smugglers
36. Kotor 1 Force Mask.
For the love of god this.^(and works with hoods)
37. Infernal Council's stasis as an /emote
38. Rakata Mind Prison meditate heal item. made!
39. HK-51 Republic Warpaint (Blue markings, lighter chrome steel.)
39B. HK-51 Empire Warpaint (Darker Steel, Red Warpaint)
39C. HK-51 customization covered in Rakghoul blood and claw scratch marks.

39D. HK-51 Advanced Recon. (unused model) MADE, StarCluster Pack.
40. Commander Calum's Imperial Guard outfit.
41. WW2 Style. Trooper Helmet with a Pazzak card on it.
42. Full body sith corruption.
43. Bacca's Blade. (Wookie Ceremonial Chieftain sword from Kotor)
44. Star Forge Mini Pet. (One from KOTOR)
45. Baby Rancor pet. Made, CC redeem rewards.
46. Baby Mecha Rancor
46. Baby Infected Rancor (Rakchgoul)
47. Dromund Kas Taxi car as a mount.
48. Mission Vao's lekku positioning unlock for races.
49. FORCE GHOST Disguise. (Does not break in combat or any emote. lasts 1hr. )
50. Protocol Droid Disguise. (I.e. Imperial Agent Story hint to those who remember it)
51. Emote: Pazaak. Think the new Dejarik emote but with Pazaak.
52. Blindfolds.....BLINDFOLDS!
53. Jedi / Sith Holocron floating pets.
54. Jedi / Sith themed meditation /emote
55. Soa's armor from E.V. Made Ancient Inferal Armor, Space Jocky Pack.
56. Rakata Disguise Module. Temporarily changes your characters appearance to that of a Rakata. (retains your armor prob not your helmet or gloves, but you get the idea)
57. Hanharr Wookie customization for Smugglers.
58. THIS HELMET. Made Wayward Warrior helmet. Direct Purchase
59. Handmaiden's Collapsible Staff.
69. Star Forge Map heal item.
70. Basalisk Mandalorian War Droid mini pet
71. Bao Dur lore set
72. Darth Bara's set.
73. Shotgun looking Blaster Rifles. (Vanguards fight close range, so why not? shoot with a double barrel?)
74. Unlocks of All class specific tattoo's and scars to the race respectivly.
75. Hypergate Heal item. (Player plays with a gree device, gets sucked into a Gree hypergate, at the end of the cast, gets shot back out. ) Made, Wild Space!!!!
76. Surf Board like speeder mount.
77. Rakghoul Disguise. (does not break in combat upon death you blow up like you were infected with the rakghoul virus if it was still active, lasts 1 hour)
78. Naga Sadow's Robes. Made. Galatic Ace Pack.
79. Perm lasting Jet Boost Mount- Half made with jetpack mounts, shadows master pack
80. Mandalorian Banner item
81. Darth Malgus Armor Made!
82. Force speed as a mount. (with glowy effects to show youre mounted as it. not my idea, but it was so nice, I just wanted to put it in myself. )
83. Portable Flashlight bulb (like the ones used for Kaon)
84. Urgnaught Wrench Vibrosword item.
85. Darth Sion Holo Statue (looks only)
86. Darth Nihilis Holo Statue (looks only)
87. Darth Traya Holo statue(looks only)
88. Darth Malak Holo Statue (Crew skills vendor for white crafting matts)
89. Bao-Dur Holo Statue (Cybertech)
90. Mandalore The Preserver Holo Statue (Biochem ((Because he always gave stims in the old games))
91. Emperor Vitiate Holo statue (looks only)
92. Bastila Shan Holo Statue (Synthweaving)
93. Artis holo statue (Artifice)
94. Cassus Fett Holo Statue (Armortech)
95. More short jackets like Calo Nord's
96. /Sleep emote. (so we can lay on the floor, or on the beds in our ship.) Made and free for everyone!
97. More unique Vibroswords. Loved the Cathar war sword.
98. Lightsaber training probe heal item (for gun users, they shoot them to blow up.)
99. Rakghoul bloodstained GSI Hot Rod mount. (with a mounted head on it.)
100. KOTOR Jedi Tunic robes. Made, Vrook's Robes!
101. A version of Kalig's countenance mask model that works with a hood.
102. Sith Tremor Sword from Kotor games. Credit to idea to Imperius.
103. Tu'kata Mount
104. Hiss (Dark side stealth monster crocodile think from Kotor 2) Pet.
105. /Computer Like the /dejarik you get a computer moniter spawn in front of you and you type away on a device.
106. Ship Class themed Mounts. i.e. Jedi ship themed speeder. Agent Ship themed speeder, Sith Ship themed speeder.
107. Darth Malak's Tattoo Option.
108. Kotor Sith Assassin Robes.
109. Zayne Carrik's Robes. Made. Galatic Ace Pack.
110. Rohlan Dyre's Mandalorian Armor Made!
111. Lucian Draay's Robes. Made, Wild Space
112. Depricated, No longer needed. Investigator's Robe's double hood was fixed.

113. Zale Barrow's set.
114. Hit the Huttball. Character pulls out a bat like object and uses it to bash the Huttball.
115. Goaldancer. While the buff is applied Scoring the Huttball makes you spike it to the ground, and do a random dance that you have unlocked on that character.
116. Emote: Wristdatapad. Like the advanced repair droid, that wrist holopad would be fun to have.
117. Emote Sleepbed A small bed pops up and we lay down in it.
118. Desert Eagle themed Pistol with Laser Sight.
119. More guns with the Rangerhunter gun noises.
120. Emote: Deathsticks character pulls out a Deathstick to smoke casually.
121. Emote: Channel Darkside Energy,
122. Emote: Channel Lightside Energy,
123. Bandana face mask. (LET IT WORK WITH HOODS.)
124. Cerulean Lightsaber Crystal. (Rakata Mind Prison warps colors, this is a red cryst)
125. Darth Vindican's Robes.
126. Version of the Dread Guard Helmet that works with hoods.
127. HK/Or Ship Droid customization of the Shrouds assassin protocol droid.
128. Dread Corrupted Robes.
129. Dread Master Bronte's Back Tentacles as a heal item you play with them and they go away. Unlikely anymore, Bronte's back tentacles are now a mount in NiM Dread Fortress.
130. Fold Space heal item. Character preforms Fold space, the force teleport ability, and there is just a force glow scar in the space, and teleports back when its done.
131. Covert Helmet. Invis helmet, hides all hoods etc.
132. Emote: RayPrison. You are trapped inside a ray shield stasis prison(like the one on the B.H. Ship)
133. Dark Purple Crystal.
134. Gold tinted crystal. mix between yellow, orange, and copper. Made Gold Core
135. Version of the Imp Agent moff cap that lets you keep a buzzcut hair style. in the back so you're not bald.
136. Inquisitor Heal animation walk pathing as a looping emote.
137. Fully body scar and tattoo variants to all races.
138. Collapsible Cathar Single sword.
139. Katana themed Vibrosword
140. Katana shaped Lightsaber.
141. HK Bodypart cyborg armor series.
142. Unused Bowcaster
143. Darth Morrhage's sith armor.
144. Nadia Grell's starting robes. (its Jedi Knight Columi gear without fancy shoulderpads attachments and hood down)
145. Sawbones from Hammer Station's Gear. (unique helmet attachments)
146. Prodoranya BH armor. helmet made, Hotshot pack.
147. Makeb Heavy Spacetrooper armor.
148. Manju BH Gear. (100% unique, bad ss)
149. Kyrenic's BH gear from Mando Raiders.
150. This Green Jedi Robe tunic set.
151. This trooper helmet.
152. Robed Cyborg set(not flashy attachments version of sith warr columi)
153. Captain Horic (cartel warlords)
154. Dread sith robes(The flashy attachments free version)
155. Dread Oricronian Robes. (Dread Guard Dominator NPC, lose the helm)
156. Green Gree Armor
157. Purple Gree Armro
158. Marshal Cavarat's armor.
159. Revanite cult robes. Made, multiple variants of them.
160. Master Soloris Robe's (JK Sent Columi gear hood down no flashy attachments)
161. Emote: Feign Death. You fall to the ground and you look like you died.
162. Corellia Green Jedi Robes.
163. Melarra's Spacer suit.
164. Voss Commando Armor
165. Toth's Secruity Key Armor
167. Lieutenant Pierce's Imperial Black Ops armor. (Imp Troop gear diff markings and no attachment or flaps)
168. MINI Golden Fury as a mount!!!!!!!!!
169. Kreia's Kotor 2 fight meditating and having 3 lightsabers float around you as a heal item or emote. (color cry of sabers reflect your faction. Red, Purple, Blood Red or Blue, Green, Cyan. or something.
170. Chuundar Wookie customization (the dark haired wookie chieftan from kotor1)
171. Muur's Sith Robes. (guy that made the Rakghouls)
172. Vokk's Armor. (hood up no crotch flap)
173. Lord Vassanar's Robes.
174. Darth Atriss Robes.
175. Master Syo Bakarn's Robes.
176. Master Boudyn's Robes.
177. Deciple's Kotor 2 clothes.
178. Mysterious Sith Lord's Armor(mask importantly) on Quesh.
179. Kotor 2 Viridian Green Lightsaber Crystal.
180. Chieko Bes's Force armor.
181. Green Gree Orb mount.
182. Generic yellow taxi cab car as a mount.
183. Beth Alusus' Jedi Robes.
184. Republic Royal Guard Armor.
185. PAJAMAS. =D Since we are getting houses.
186. Emote: DJ. Music equipment spawns are you are a DJ
187. Kotor 2 Bronze Crystal
188. E.V. Mini pylons puzzle heal item. (player spins the mini rakata tower to line up the colors)
189. Mecha-Tauntaun Mount
190. Mecha Veractyl Mount
191. Emote: Footlocker play inside a footlocker looking for X
192. Emote: fix weapon. (player fiddles with gun or plays with Lightsaber as if adjusting the weapon's parts)
193. Emote: Disco
194. Dreadseed emote. "play with a dreadseed"
195. Black-Cyan
196. Black-Magenta (only ones missing from the original crystals black cores with Cyan)
197. Brontes Tentacle Pet
198. Unused Beta JK Armor with Pub logo on shoulders.
199. Generic Pub Trooper Armor damaged and no havoc logo
200. Kotor 2 Sith Assassins Robes.
201. Imperial Assassin HK customization.
202. Jawa Disguise. look like a jawa for 5 minutes. Breaks on Combat or mounting.
201. Mini Sandcrawler mount. (itty bitty version that you sit inside like a kid's toy jeep)
202. Emote(or heal item) Epic Battlecry. Character makes a speech and makes a epic battlecry and raises their weapon. Inspires players around you.
203. Heal Item(or toy or emote) Meditation Crystal kneel infront of a (random color every time) Crystal and meditate infront of it. and it glows based off your alignment. Gold, Clear, Red.
204. Sith Tomb Heal item. You break out of a sith tomb and feel empowered and enraged.
205. Sith armor set that matches the color of the Dread Guard/Master Helmet.
206. Medieval style Knight style armor set.
207. Eye Customization: Blind White eyes.
208. Eye Customization: Possessed Black Eyes. (Darkside Kreia eyes were black)
209. Duxn Canok Pet.
210. Sunriders Destiny Color Crystal.
211. Model ship of the Ravager. Ship Nihilus Commanded in Kotor 2. all battle damaged.
212. G.S.F. Battlerecorder Heal item V.02. Diff version maybe with big flagships pewpewing too.
213. recline emote
214. 4-SEN hk/or Ship Droid Customization.
215. 2.7 Commander Rethana's gear (unique jetpack)
216. Superscan (healitem or toy) Through out a probe and a holocomm showing a scanner scanning parts of yourself for damage and or injuries.
217. Scrolling UV. Knife: Animated Knife Changer visual when equiped. makes the knife model change appearance
218. Scrolling UV. Shotgun: Visually shown on the back and or visual model changer.
219. Scrolling UV Tech Shield: Digial Tech Glow around your left wrist that resembles a shield icon on it (like a Mass Effect Omni Tool)
220. Scrolling UV Force Shield: Digital Mystic Glow around your left wrist like a tiny shield(diff colors via diff version)
221. Scrolling UV Generator: Digital Tech Glow that is sharp and sleek
222. Scrolling UV Focus: Force aura on the left wrist that waves about. (SImilar to Tythonian Forcemaster's Saber effect)
223. The Scoundrel's Trail. (While moving you leave a small trail of coins falling behind you for 5Min.) Based off the Path of Illidan WoW toy Item.
224. Path of the Darkside. While moving your trail leaves behind corrupted footprints for 5 minutes.
225. Star Squadron. (heal item) while using a holopad you command a small army of ship pets as they fly around in playful dogfights until the cast is over.
226. Corrupted Orb. (Emote) Loop Cast a corrupted version of the Life Day Orb
227. Pure Orb. (Emote) Loop Cast of a pure white/golden version of the Life Day Orb
228. Toy Grab Claw machine heal item trying to grab a stuffed rancor
229. Skate Shoes mount. (Rocket rollerblade like attachments) as you ice skate fly your way from place to place.
230. Small Hoverboard. (Skateboard like hoverboard mount)
231. Sock Puppet Emote. Pull out a Sock puppets in both hands each being a diff creature and play with them.
232. 2D-3D scanner heal item. Character steps into a kolto like chamber. Character appears 2D while in it.
233. Cyclops Goggle. wear a pair of goggles that makes it look like you are a cyclops.
234. Chariot Mount. Similar to the pod racer mount but you stand on it than sit.
235. Single Seat Koreallis Mount.
236. Stylish Racer Helmets. look at a mix between Power Ranger Helmets and Motorcycle Helmets.
237. Pickaxe Virboblade weapon.
238. Yoyo Toy Holo Emote(or heal item) play with a Yoyo that glows diff colors
239. Robes of Tulak Hord Made
240. SCROPIO Customizations Hutt Gold (golden fury esq)
241. SCROPIO Female chasiss HK customiztion (Scropio customization to make her look like a female HK)
242. Scrawny BT1 Lieutenant Pierce Customization
243. Fluffy BT4 Corso Rigs Customization
244. Beefy BT3 Aric Jorgan Customization
245. Amazoness BT3 Kira Carsen
246. Ajunta Paul armor Made
247. Mandalore the Ultimate's armor Made
248. Vibrosword similar to the extendable cathar blade but more Medieval in style :>
249. Faction themed Emotes One Pub and Empire themed in doing something to show respect to them.
250. Class themed Emotes. Energy glows flexing, holding a pazzak card, etc.
251. Vibrosword that pops out of a Lightsabe style hilt. with the entire blade projecting out. (Similar to Percy Jackson's Sword)
252. Crown/Circlet like a real crown.
253. Holo Statue thats a legacy bank portable unit. I have my money saying it should be Darth Malak.
254. Helmets that are pure force eye glows. Yellow, Red, Blue, Purple.
I have returned. more new updates!
255. RAKGHOUL armor, what do I mean? I mean ripped "and steralized" body parts adorned to armor like a Hunter of beats in disguise!
256. Gree Cube 1-h weapons. Pull out a gree cube that transforms into a pistol or lightsaber during the sheating process.
257. Gree genetic hologram. using the cube disguises you as another player race randomly chosen for 5 minutes.
258. GSI Recon Droid toy (one from ziost daily) basically summons it and it follows you for a few minutes taking random scans and pictures. (not usable in PVP, Ops, Flashpoints)
259. Force essence. Toy that makes your aligned force energy leave an energy trail off your body and leaves a foot print trail, color changes based on alignment. 5 min duration.
260. Dread Seeded Armor. Armor that is partially corrupted by the Dreadseed biological corruption.
261. Emote: Spy Recon Lay down on the ground and look through goggles.
262. Heal toy: Focusing Crystal. Meditate and attune a lightsaber crystal to become attuned to your alignment. (inspired by the player unique crystal via Kotor 2)
263. Gree tattered robes. Think torn jedi robes like Revan's Reborn leggs, and on the inside of the cloth it glows with gree light.
264. Ancient Sith Staff Doublelightsaber, Ancient Sith Longsword Lightsaber (like Naga Sadow's Statue's)
265. Force Vanity Emote: Use the force to bring a pear to your character, never hold it with your hand and take a bite out of it and throw it away. (SW Episode 2 inspired)
266. Revanite Banner Toy item. just like our current ones but it drops the physical banner. (decos too pl0x?)
267. Music Box heal item. Pull out a sw esq boombox for music and lay in a reclined chair and listen to random cantina music or imperial soldier music etc. as it channels and it breaks when its done.
268. Emote "sports fan" Pull out a hollo and watch diff angles of swoop speeder racing.
269. Haunt of the Emperor, Toy item. buffs you for 30 minutes, periodically your character puffs black smoke energy because the emperor whispers to you and taunts your actions. calling you amusing.
270. Shrunk version of the massassi waraxe as a weildable.
271. Vibroblades from the Blood Hunt mandalorian's use.
272. Non-lethal cryo grenade. Similar to ball toss, u thro a cryo grenade and it cosmetically freezes a player or companion.
273. 6th Line armor.
274. Retro 80's big music headphones that are like gree tech in design.
275. Long sock hat, Think Link from Loz, But diff, have like a stitched Pub or Imp logo.
276. Audio Voiced Sith/Jedi Code channel heal item. you quote it, and the energy flows through you.
277. Animated effects Killik War Staff.
278. Deco: Statue of Darth Malgus Made
279. Ragged "Nerf Herder" clothing.
280. Red Outline Color Crystal.
281. White-Orange-Red. color crystal. White core orange inner glow, red outter glow.
282. Killik character disguise costume. Breaks on death. Cosmetically transformed into a Killik.
283. Black-Stirrated Red Crystal. Made!
284. Revan's Esq "Force Wield" ability as a heal item. levitating sabers, controlling them, but then failing.
285. Zakuul Skytrooper cyborg series set.
286. Chronicles of Riddick esq welding goggles. (with the lens changing color via the dye)
287. Glasses with lenses changing via dye.
288. Heal item- Breaking from ice. (You are trapped in an ice crystal and break yourself free)
289. Additional Miraluka cowls that are items. (like Visas Marr)
290. Cutlass esq vibrosword.
291. Battle Damaged Zakuul Knight armor.
292. The Emperor's Twins Set (Pre robot, made, direct purchase)
293. Modest Dancer outfit. (thin transparent cloth?)
294. Rocket Boots mount. Actual boot attachments (think LoZ OoT boots) that are the jetpack.
295. HK-51/HK-55 skin for their opposet counterpart. (so it can appear you have 2 the same)
296. Chrome/glowing retro kids space age toy ray gun as a blaster pistol.
297. Wookie rug Deco.
298. Dicsiples' outfit. (kotor 2 companion)
299. Classical Medieval bandit esq gear.
300. Emperor Valkorion's set.
301. Gree Wardroid (BT3 Male esq) Companion
302. Gree Wardroid (Spiderdroid Robot) Companion.
303. Kath Hound Companion
304. Reconstructed Shroud Assassin Droid Companion.
305. Domesticated Rakghoul companion
306. Force Ghost Companion.
307. Foundry extermination droid companion.
308. Zakuul Force Pike (version for using it like a 1-h and a two handed weapon)
309. Sun Generator heal item. Charge yourself with power like the Exarchs did in the star fortress.
310. FIREBRAND Graffiti Deco.
311. Zakuul holo statue of Valkorion Deco.
312. Ranged Wookie companion.
313. Baby Acklay beast companion.
314. More lightsaber hilts with Kylo Ren's unstable blade effect.
315. HK-55's Blaster (HEAL ITEM) you pick up HK's blaster and examine it, and it goes full on assault rifle mode and you lose control shooting randomly going up and put it away knowing you have no way to use it safely.
316. Kotor music jukebox
317. Marauder/Sentinel combat oriented Voss companion.
318. Gloves- Broken Electro Handcuffs.
319. Meerow (voss beast) companion
320. Gamorrean Body Guard Companion.
321. Skytrooper stolen prosthetic limbs.
322. Deco of the Archon's Golden Fury.
323. Zakuul Knight frozen in Carbonite Deco
324. Interactable Stasis chamber deco.
325. Interactable Kolto Tank deco.
326. -Non Interactable- Target Dummies deco.
327. Zakuul Holo of the underworld arena.
328. Blizz's Snow "Sand Crawler"
329. Holo of the Gravestone. (Similar to the Star Fortress deco you get for killing all the paladins but its the ship)
330. Scaled Model Centerpiece deco of the Foundry (Star Forge)
331. Scaled Large Model deco of Imp/Pub Capital Ships.
332. Post KotFE Imperial/Republic propaganda. "DOWN WITH SARESH" "HAIL EMPRESS ACINA" etc.
333. Mirror decoration.
334. Zakuulan Statue of Arcan.
335. Zakuulan Statue of Thexan.
336. Zakuulan Statue of Valkorian.
337. Zakuulan Statue of Valyin.
338. Zildrog cult spray paint deco
339. Upsidedown Holocron of Dread ceiling deco. (Red Reaper throne room area)
340. Butler painted Skytrooper which is a "coffee" vendor. deco
341. Skytrooper customization for HK-51/55.
342. Statue of Baron Deathmark holding the Huttball like he just won a world series.
343. Statue of Zildrog from the Exalted's room as a deco.
344. GEMINI customization for SCORPIO.
345. All of Arcann's CONCEPT ART Masks.
346. Other Zakuulan cults/mythos armor.
347. Sith Lord personnel decor wearing full eradicators warsuit
348. Jedi Knight personnel decor wearing full temple guardian.

Galactic Starfighter Cartel Market options.

Republic Blaster Bolts:
Mint Green
Purple Made Space Jockey Pack.

Republic Gas Exhaust:
Mint Green

Empire Blaster Bolts:
Blood Red(even though it should be named differently)

Empire Gas Exhaust:
Blood Red
Pink Purple

Paint Jobs Empire and Republic

Black-Medium Yellow (PRE ORDER VENDOR ONLY Go with the flow)
Black-Deep Blue
Black-Deep Red
White-Deep Blue
White-Deep Red
White-Deep Green
White-Medium Yellow

Paint Decal's

Add your class symbol (either consular, sage, shadow etc etc.) As paintjobs to all ship variants.

Player Armor Dyes.

I have been a long supporter of the Black Prim only dye etc. so heres this, I am adding my old dye suggestions to this aswell.

1. Black Primary Only Made, Dogfighter pack
2. Black Secondary Only Made Galatic ace pack.

3. White Primary Only Made Space Jockey Pack.
4. White Secondary only Hotshot pack.
5. Dark Grey Primary Only
6. Dark Grey Secondary Only
7. White and :::Medium:::: Blue (and its reverse)
8. White and :::::Medium:::: Red (and its reverse)
9. Black and ::::Medium:::: Blue (and its reverse)
10. Black and ::::Medium::: Red (instead of me just copying and its reverse, how about just imply reverse on any dual colors)
11. Dark Green and Medium Red
12. Medium Red and Dark Green
13. Black and Dark Brown
14. Deep Grey and Dark Brown
15. Dark Grey and Dark Grey.
16. Black and Light Blue.
17. Dark Brown and Dark Brown
18. Deep Brown and Deep Brown.

Ultimate Back Dye Kit 3000 CC
Black Primary Only x2
Black Secondary Only x2

Ultimate White Dye Kit 3000CC
White Primary Only x2
Black Secondary Only x2