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LOL! DERP! i am a dummy ... THANK YOU for reminding me about that ... god i knew about that link too and WAS NOT EVEN THINKING i would go there with a code like that LOL

so that link is where i go to with supposed "TawnFaun" type codes eh?

hmmm thanks!

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#SWTOR5 #KOTET Knights of the Eternal Throne 5.0 BUG LIST / Feature Requests! LEGACIES (18 toons/server. Type /CJOIN (legacy name) IN CHAT to find me!): Harbinger: STORMIX, Jedi Covenant: ARCANUS, Shadowlands: HERCULEAS, Begeren Colony: GALACTICUS, Ebon Hawk: ETHEREAN, Bastion: CELESTIA, Prophecy Of The Five (DVL): MYSTERIA, Jung Ma (DVL): PALLADIUM