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01.09.2014 , 11:24 PM | #5
What is it? 7 months now & still no fix... pathetic

Seems to happen alot less on my vanguard where as my guardian gets it 99% of the time with force or guardian leap

If a friendly target is standing perfectly still & I guardian leap to them on completely flat open ground I still get it

Someone suggested its a LOS issue but i can tell you it happens on totally flat open areas during all warzones, duels or in PVE

I can land 1,2,5,10,20m short of target (totally random), it isnt a ping issue either, started happening back when I had a stable ping of 12 on dalborra, not to mention I dont know a single person who hasnt experienced the bug

A fix is well over due considering its basicly made guardians/juggs a liability