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01.09.2014 , 05:02 PM | #72
OH MY GOD THEY RUINED THEM.... Seriously this annoys me BIG TIME. There was NO reason to do this change, so if it's not a bug, it needs to be changed back and if it is a bug... it needs to be FIXED.

Here is a screenshot of it on my character, I can noticaeably tell it's straight down and not.. well, hugging her but like it did before. I mean seriously, there was nothing wrong with it before so if it's not just a bug, that's even more reason to fix it...

EDIT: Hope it's not dangerous to do so that they will extend this to the others, but the older ones like the Elegant Loungewear Bottoms have not recived this bug/change... so that means I am very much hoping it's a bug.. please fix this Bioware!!!

EDIT 2: **** Just read the post about them being on BACKWARDS and you are right... :facepalm Seriously Bioware, ***... fix this ASAP this is seriously stupid.
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