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Very helpful info last couple of things, if the mk-9 is for best avaliable slot can I put a lesser mod in there...
Yes you can put a lesser augment into an MK-9 slot.
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and also if I critical on a blaster and it gets a augment slot does that still generally make it worth more and with it do I still need to mk-9
Not really. Mainly because the slot may not be MK-9 equivalent. Some top end crafted stuff is notorious for critting MK-7 and MK-8 slots...good but not the best.
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and finally how is the crafted weapons vs the tiered gear
Not very good mainly because crafted gear from armstech (and armormech and synthweaving) is static stat (no barrel, mod, enhancement, or crystal) and at best entry level "elder game": a purple quality crafted static stat weapon MIGHT roughly equate to an Artifact quality (grade 28/66) weapon. The problem is that in order to upgrade you have to replace the whole thing. Some of the orange/custom quality crafted items sell for their appearance (players buy them, rip the item modifications out of a tier gear piece and stick them into the orange quality crafted piece).
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