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Killing blow is when you do the LAST hit to an opponent that kills him. It can be 20 guys hitting an enemy but only 1 person can do the killing blow.

The solo kills canīt be done in a normal way. The WZ have an average time of 10-15min. So you have 1-1.5 mins per kill. Or you solo kill totally pvp noobs undergear or you can't do it becuase any player that plays properly his character will take more time than 1 min to kill him. Plus the time to respawn of new victims.

I have done this achievement but with guildmates or multiboxing account in the opposite side. I camp the respawn zone with a stealther and a sage lowering his life with noble sacrifice in the other side for faster killing.

It's very retard my way to obtain the achievement but the PVP achievements have no design sense. The one of killing 55 enemies is another example of how to push achievements in the game without looking at the metrics. Probably is only doable in Voidstar in a normal way.
Thanks so far unfortunately im not in a guild atm - so I will try it the hard way till then
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