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Honeslty, I'm about to switch away from Republic on my server. I can't get into a warzone where people actually know how to play an objective... or really PvP at all.

I consistently watch almost my whole team fight KIND OF near one door in Voidstar. I'm stuck defending the other one solo, even on my healer. And somehow, they get a bomb planted behind them. Genius.

I watch them decide not to CC the one stinking Imperial coming my way when I'm a second away from planting a bomb, and then I get canceled.

I watch them all move as one blob in Alderaan, letting the Imperials re-cap turrets we just took.

The ops chat always looks like:
*me*: Watch the doors, and call for help if you're going to need it and we're good.


*me*: Stay near the node, call out inc.

Don't even get me started on Huttball.

I'll tell people to join the Republic when we can start proving we're worth joining. I run warzones with my guild as much as possible, but rarely do we get full groups of 4. And even then, sometimes the 4 of us aren't enough to win the wz.
I know exactly where you're coming from. I started keeping track of wins/losses a couple nights ago for all the republic vs empire battles, empire are ahead 11-2. It could be the time of day I'm playing, but the republic just seems largely composed of noobs that pick the closest enemy, and beeline for him like rambo, regardless of whether he is a tank, has heals, is kiting them etc. Objectives? Forget about it.