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I hope your attention is still on this thread. While I believe it admirable that the codex system will be worked on in the future I believe we can all agree that it is a bit outdated when compared to other aspects of the game. Legacy, Crew Skills, Guilds and the Codex are all relics of the past. Each of which need revamps. I hope one day the devs will have a dialogue with the player base regarding how to rework each because just cramming more things in each one only adds to the problem. The game has made a lot of huge strides, but for the game to have a quality feel to it it needs to clean up the mess.

The Codex system is a hallmark Bioware concept, but this game needs to have it better implemented. No more one liner Epic achievements or any sparse details. The codex should serve as the database for events, characters, locations and much more in the game. In Mass Effect it was implemented to perfection. In Dragon Age it was very heavy in content and while intimidating at first it was so informative. For this game though the codex entries are so sparse in details for much of them. Revamping the codex so it is functions more as an encyclopedia instead of a collection of tidbits would be nice. Defeating Warlord Kephess should have a codex entry detailing him. Not saying I beat him. That's what the newer better implemented achievements are for.

Legacy needs to look more visually appealing. An RP tab for family trees, bios and other RP features. Perks tab that has toggles for xp boosts. Multi spec functionality. All that stuff in the character perks just needs to be dressed in a more appealing way and not be as wasteful in credits like some are.

Crew skills needs to be revamped from the ground up so that they become easier to dive into and harder to master. Changing the look of the actual interface so that we have trees connecting all the different versions of the same piece of gear. Instead of having a long laundry list of craftable items it should be sorted under a base item and expand from there. Finding practical uses for each crew skill at end game would also be good. Not pigeonholing half of them to crafting augment kits. The rise of adaptive gear and the cartel market in general has marginalized much of the crew skills value.

Finally Guilds need true functionality so we aren't forced to use third party sites. A calender, guild mail, instanced guild hall, guild specific vendors and a way to look up all open to join guilds by just talking to the registrar. Make guilds appealing to players and rewarding for those who really invest in it.

Thanks for your time and sorry for potentially derailing the main point of this thread.