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Hi EnmaAii!

I'm glad you brought this up, because this is a good chance to let everyone know that as part of my position, I will be spearheading an effort to make sure Achievement/Codex fixes get implemented as often as they can be. A system for this was already in place when I started, but I am "taking it under my wing," so to speak, to make sure that it is as effective and useful as possible.

That said, I can't promise that it will be a quick process, but I will be speaking with the dev teams on a very regular basis regarding the ongoing problems with these systems and their status.

Many community members have made excellent lists and threads regarding these, and I will be making sure I use these and every resource possible to make sure nothing is overlooked and everything makes "Tait's Codex of Codex and Achievement bugs."

Thank you all for reporting these issues (and continue to do so!), as they are extremely helpful in ensuring that we get everything brought to the right people's attention.

- tait
And please please I beg you take a look at some achievement in locations, the pvp ones! Is impossible to kill 2ķ of player on cz or 1k on hoth! There arw many of those and expecially in pve server and no cross faction zone where to quest is impossible to kill such amount of people. And there is no reward so no one have it. Reduce numbers is an easy fix! I would like to have 100%on some planets but is impossible right now!
I beg you take a look
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