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Personally I am loving the PVP. Sure it still needs some balancing, but right now each class feels very unique to play but also fight against.

The Bounty Hunter does feel a bit OP in range perhaps but as a sentinel I just leap in and have no problems taking care of most BH's up close.

The problem I am finding is the lvl different in warzones. Maybe it is just my imagination, but the higher lvls (I am talking about 20+ lvls higher then your current lvl) feel like they are at least twice as hard to kill and hit twice as hard. Yes they have similar HP but perhaps their armor is much higher due to what they are able to wear and their attacks better because they have the high lvl attacks?

If this is true a simple fix would be to only have lvl 10-20 in a warzone, 20-30 in a warzone and so on.

What are your thoughts on this?
Unless you had an inter-server PVP warzone it wouldn't work, you'd be waiting forever to que because not that many people in your level bracket are pvping or queueing I'd imagine.