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Some will disagree, but for the moment, you got it. I sell blue and purple 28s by the truck load

If you want to upgrade your 28/66 gear check out Dulfy's level 55 endgame gearing guide where to go.

My advice gear your character up first then take advantage of any extra/leftover gear and RE the mods.

With history of what gets converted to craftable , the assumption is that grade 34/78 (from HM DF/DP and Ultimate Comms) will become craftable once NiM of the latest Operations (DF and DP) hit...mid-March at the earliest (Full/Official release of GSF hits in early February).
In retrospect I think cybertech was a great choice for my first character's crafting skill as it seems to take care of so many of the things you need on your character. Is it just me or is learning every single purple earpiece a MASSIVE PITA? It seems you learn 3 blues and then those 3 blues result in about 8 purples.

Armorings and mods are a piece of cake, which is why I like cybertech. You can craft 2/3 (or both in the case of belt/bracers) of the slots for everything but your weapon. Got lucky there, when I started I didn't know the difference between any of the skills and just picked cybertech (even though I initially wanted to go artifice for the lightsaber parts) since I figured you wear 1 weapon and umpteen pieces of defensive gear.