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Ok so let me get this straight.

I'm currently wearing all 28s, which are also called 66s. Above this level of gear there is still:

30s or 69s
31s or 72s
33s or 75s
34s or 78s

Currently 31/72 is the highest you can craft, but it just isn't worth it because materials are $$$$$ and commendations buy all the best gear. So really I can just start focusing learning blues and purples for other classes since I have all of the STR/END I will never need now.
Some will disagree, but for the moment, you got it. I sell blue and purple 28s by the truck load

If you want to upgrade your 28/66 gear check out Dulfy's level 55 endgame gearing guide where to go.

My advice gear your character up first then take advantage of any extra/leftover gear and RE the mods.

With history of what gets converted to craftable , the assumption is that grade 34/78 (from HM DF/DP and Ultimate Comms) will become craftable once NiM of the latest Operations (DF and DP) hit...mid-March at the earliest (Full/Official release of GSF hits in early February).
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