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@Spamfritter: thanks for the reply.

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I didn't realize that people wanted to make this game even easier than it is by being able to buy their gear with Cartel Coins.
Gear *is* already sold by the Cartel Store. Those armor sets are just not readily usable.

Quote: Originally Posted by Spamfritter View Post
Even if it is for companions this is a BAD idea.

Buying already modded gear with Cartel Coins brings the game into a pay to win type situation. I'll never support that.
I can sympathize with that, and even partly agree to it. It has even been addressed in this thread (and even in the OP already), the reason I wish I were able to have it locked.

Yet, as Tslok said: time is money. Eventually you wlll be having all the gear you want, but why shouldn't a shortcut to that situation not be allowed to be sold as well? It's not so much a pay-to-win scenario, but a pay-to-not-having-to-spend-that-much-time-on-dailies-etc scenario. People might frown upon it, but it would be optional and not mandatory.
And he got a more elegant suggestion than mine, although I suspect also at least as controversial: have the Cartel Store sell Commendations.

Meanhwile, I personally I am learning to cope, and I'm actually enjoying gathering the modifications through the various means the game offers, so the matter is now academic to me, so to speak.