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At what suggestion did you aim this reaction? Are you even in the right thread??
I misunderstood. I thought someone was asking for gear that scaled to level which didn't make sense to me as the gear already scales based on whatever you put in it. I didn't realize that people wanted to make this game even easier than it is by being able to buy their gear with Cartel Coins. Even if it is for companions this is a BAD idea.

Buying already modded gear with Cartel Coins brings the game into a pay to win type situation. I'll never support that. People are whining that it's too hard to get gear for your companions. It isn't. Between left over commendations and gear drops most of my companions are at least 69's or better with many being in the 72/78 range. And I don't even play the game as much as a lot of others do. I logon for raids and little else. I never do dailies or even flashpoints. Joining 16 man SM groups gets you commendations pretty damn fast. Doing this gets you full Oriconian pretty fast. Elite commendations can be used to gear up your favorite companion pretty quickly.

It's about how you spend your time in the game. Some people don't have gear that play 10 hours a day. Those people craft, level alts or whatever and that never gets you gear and only costs credits. Raiding gets you gear faster than anything else.

And as for the comments about crafting being hurt by this ludicrous idea, no it wouldn't. BioWare already killed the profitability of crafting when they prevented crafters from making the top tier of gear available for reverse engineering. At one level behind it was still somewhat profitable but not like it was. Now that your basically two tiers of gear back from the top tier crafting for anything other than cosmetic items is essentially useless.