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Awesome thank you, finally I can make the mk-9 augment slot it sells fast what exactly does that do?
It adds a "best available" augment slot to any piece of gear.

Taking a step back for a moment:

At original launch the only way to get an augment slot in a piece of gear was for an armor/weapon crafter to critically succeed. This made demand for orange/custom quality crafted shells with augment slots high at end-game.

Apparently at some point later, the decision was made that this was not a good design. so in the summer of 2012 they added augment slot kits of six different "grades" (MK-1 through MK-6) that could be installed into any piece of gear but each grade would only support "level appropriate" and below augments. Further, the cost to install each grade of slot kit increased. So if you installed an MK-1 augment slot - for 1,000 credits - only the very very lowest level augments would fit in that slot. MK-6 slot kits, being the best (at the time) were the most expensive to install - at 24,000 IIRC - but one could install any augment.

In order to craft augment slot kits, you needed augment slot kit components. Components come from reverse engineering any item that can potentially have an augment slot. So REing a chest piece or weapon will generate a component but REing an armoring, of hilt won't. You need ten components of the same grade to make one slot kit of that grade. So you need to craft ten items, and RE them to get the components.

While all crew skills that craft gear can RE for components, only those crew skills that craft augments can craft slot kits (Synthweaving, Armormech, and Armstech).

With 2.0/RotHC, a level cap increase, and a crew skill cap increase came new levels of augments and new levels of slot kits to go with them.

To use an augment slot kit, you have to go to a modification station (they are located on several planets and on the fleet station in the Crew skills quadrant), have a slot kit in your inventory (cargo hold does not count), put a piece of gear into the modification station UI, and at the bottom you will get a drop down of augment slot kits to install. Select the one you want, pay the fee, and bam the gear now has an augment slot. Like all other item modifications you can install and remove an augment without using the modification station.
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