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Right now healing classes are WAY TOO OVERPOWERED. Especially against JK/SW. They do equal damage and can spam heals faster than your interrupt CD. Its freaking ridiculous!

2 times I tried to kill this freaking JC and he stomped me every time because he could out-heal the damage and my interrupt CDs suck horribly. 3 interrupts, 2 with 1 minute cds, and 1 that stops that spell for 4 seconds but has a 8 second cd.

JK/SW need to get the healing warriors in WoW get. We're so freaking gimped.

I was 2100+ rated Arms warrior so it isn't like I don't know what I'm doing either.
You dont even that the cd that you are talking is name an interuppt? You were probably some horrible cata baby that facerolled 2s with a feral in the vicious season. And please, dont mix wow in this ****. I have played counteless days of wow but what does it matter when this is a different game ?
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