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So you want the one guy who does the "daily story" to make all the class stories ( 8 of them ), which were all written by different people to begin with?

Do I want more class stories? Sure.

Do I want a bunch of generic fodder with none of the varying styles and nuances the original writers gave the original class stories? Nope.

Do i want my characters to all suddenly be mutes because their voices no longer exist, and I don't think Frank and Sally from the mailroom can adequately replace the originals? Nope.

Do i want my now mutie character to have to deal with d-grade actors portraying throw-away minor villains/heroes because the original grade-AAA villains/heroes no longer have their actors? Nope.

And do i want more PvP? I'm the guy who was begging in beta for them to make the game PvE only. I'm the guy who still asks for all PvP to be removed from PvE servers. If I want PvP, I'll bang my neighbors old lady then show him the pictures. So, um, you really went off track with that one, didn't ya?
It was a smart *** remark to a guy being a smart *** and knows he's just doing it to pat himself on the back over what a smart *** he can be.

I save my more intelligent thoughts for more intelligent posters - especially ones with literary skills above a grade school level and because they actually read the first post instead of leaping to conclusions, and would have thought twice about making the dumb post you did about who is going to make a cartel sellable class quest - already covered, post 1, costs considered and everything.