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Which intern is going to write these stories?

Who are they going to find to voice them? Even if they can still afford those who voiced the player characters and other main characters like Malgus or Shan, what makes you think these people even want to come back to do them? Or are even available to do them?

It's amazing, everyone wants more class stories, but won't take 5 minutes to think of all the little things that have to be brought together just for one little class quest pack because EAware early development focused more on presentation than long-term feasibility.

Of course, if you don't mind that your character will forever be a silent character in any future class stories and that instead of getting to ever interact with Malgus or Shan or anyone else of a high profile you'll instead be relegated to interacting with one-off characters voiced by Bob the janitor, then let EAware know and maybe they'll manage that much for you.

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To sell a class story on the cartel market, they'd have to develop it first and they seem to be doubting it will recoup it's expenses.

The - for EA - safer option would be to use a system similar to kickstarter. If enough people pledge enough money, more class stories get developed. If not, it's the communities fault . Main risk, a failed 'kickstarter' would fuel the 'game is in decline' propaganda.
Noone would fund any Kickstarter project that had an EA label on it. Not only that, but the Kickstarter would prove to everyone the minute it was listed that SWtoR is a "failure".

"Successes" with multi-billion dollar companies behind them wouldn't need Kickstarters just to add some DLC.