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I mean.. i'm pretty sure if i put rolling in place on the OP, then NO other spec WILL be able to beat it for a considerable amount of time. The rolling in place and gunslinger/sniper 2-pc and orbital/flyby "changes" aren't even on the 2.6 notes and who knows when those are coming out (anyone know when 2.6 is coming out?). I've tried the full 18-m roll on Nefra and Grob'thok* (the only large-sized bosses we have right now) and around 3-4 bombs only hit.

*Grobthok might need to test again.
I'm against macros of any kind, personally, in-game or not, but that's beside the point.

For Grobby, I can usually land all 5 bombs as long as I'm not lazy about my position.
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