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Sorry, but you arent a mod. People can discuss this as long as they want, whether you want the thread open or not
Yep, and for me at least there is a huge difference in implementation between selling them directly - and selling them as part of a lottery.
I'd love some DLC packs on the CM, but the moment they start with the random luck crap again like they did with the cubes it'd be an instant no go.
Not to mention the cubes were a pretty bad idea all around IMO:

1) They "continued" an existing storyline, that you can start as F2P and then you are suddenly expected to pay to see a few extra scenes.

2) I suspect that part of what caused the outrage was the fact that they were trying to nickle and dime "story" content out of people... I mean, c'mon... charging money for 30 seconds of cutscene with no gameplay whatsoever?

There's a bunch of MMO's that release adventure packs successfully - with TSW being another good example.
I'm starting to think that they "experimented" with a completely terrible idea to begin with just so that they could use it as an example of "See? It can't be done. We tried. We really, really did."
Thanks for showing us you listen to our feedback, Bioware!
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