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I mean, seriously. Why not? DDO is a good template. Subs get access to the new area for free and a week early, F2P and Freemium members have to pay Store currency to unlock the pack, but once they unlock it they own it.

Imagine this as a scenario. Devs work hard to release a planet with a faction quest for each faction ala makeb. Charge the Makeb price ($29.99) and all the work that goes with it.

Then, over time, release the individual class quests on that planet for a fee of cartel coins - something that continues the adventure of your character. Can release different professions throughout the year, and just before the next planet comes out, have all of them go on sale in a bundle pack, like they have discounted for hypercrates of cartel packs.

This way, people can either buy their own profession's adventure, or stock up and wait for the bundle and get all the professions out at once.

If given the choice between a system like this or no class story at all, I'll take this.