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Not trying to start a flame war here bud, just having some fun and I did answer your questions so not sure where all the hate is coming from. The timezones and the difference from GMT never change, what changes is what timezone a locale is using.

I get that... truly, I learned my time zones back in elementary school. However, people from BW have posted times in daylight when they meant standard, and vice versa. I am trying to clarify if it's at 8 CST so I'll know if it's at 7 MST. If, for some whacky reason, they really meant CDT, then it's 6 MST.

Perhaps Bioware is in a country of its own and is still on DST in the winter. They do say TX is a "whole 'nother country" but I don't believe that applies to time.

So while your information on the offset from GMT is accruate, it doesn't answer they question of why BW posted it CDT... being January, it's reasonable to question them on whether or not it is accurate. You can't answer that, so stop trying.
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