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I'm not sure if using Rolling in place is a good idea for this thread.


It suggests that potentially the top spec for that boss for that class is Saboteur/Engineering but it really "isn't" because rolling in place is not intended and i think its safe to say 0.00001% of the game's population even knows or bothers with learning or macro-ing how to roll in place.

Anyway will update this tomorrow just in case new parses come out.
Your call

The way I see it - though - is that because it can feasibly be done within the game as of right now it should be considered as possible damage potential, since that's what it realistically is at the moment. Similarly, using self heals as a means of getting extra relic procs is also presumably unintended, but using it is more or less the norm and not doing so would show disproportionate results to what is actually happening in raids.

I understand your stance on it though. Again: your call
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