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You bring up some good points.

In addition, it *is* hard to get proper mods if you
  1. want to keep up ALL your companions, and in addition
  2. want to have multiple gear sets for several companions

Indeed it gets boring, and also it will take a longer time to get to the point of simply being able to dress your companions up (and have them change every now and then). It would seem fair if the Cartel Store would somehow offer a customized solution for this. It sucks for people with not enough money, but the game isn't build on Marxist theories anyway. Besides, people who cannot afford this, are likely in the position of being unemployed, which means they have a lot more time than people who have jobs (and money) so it seems that both groups of customers would be catered this way. Those with jobs can take a short cut and buy commendations, and those without jobs can play the game 16 hrs a day, every day, to obtain their commendations in-game.


I think it might mildly hurt crafters, but not everybody will buy these commendations. Besides it might be a nice incentive for them to not overprice their products.
Hello again,

Yes I 100% agree with you !
About hurting crafters, i still can sell my low level crystals even if one can have them from collections, there are lots of ppl out there that are not paying for the cartel stuff ---my buyers
I'd love to see what the ppl at BW think about that.Any chance that you guys are reading this ?

@Orlogg or should we open a new thread ?