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01.05.2014 , 01:23 PM | #8
Geez, another one?

Your points were made so many times already, and explained exactly as many times.

Controls are what the engine allows and are absolutely good for a space arcade shooter. This is not a space sim.

Ships are well balanced once you learn to fly and deal with different situations.

Nothing is pay to win as both of the CM ships are reskins of free ships. You even get the fighter straight at the login. Buying scout saves you a whopping 5k fleet req. (a week of playing if you play a little, couple of days if you play a lot)

If you tried it out today, it is understendable that you didn't have much fun, as the amount of newbies is very very low and thus you probably got owned by everything.

Come back Jan 14th and try again. You might have more enjoyable learning curve then. But seriously, stop offending thing you have next to zero experience in.