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ROFL. I stopped there. Thank you for proving all the other threads correct.
You are being pretty ignorant to stop reading where he mentioned Bolstering just to shoot his thoughts down. So what if he was level 15 and was doing well. that just proves the game takes more skill to PvP in which is personally why I PvP. If you dont like the fact that a bolstered lvl 15 can beat your lvl 50 butt when you have at least 20 extra useful PvP skills, its not because the game is unfair or the PvP is unbalanced, its because you are a bad.

He makes valid points. I played other MMO's and I think his main argument is solid. For a while the pvp bothered me because I wasnt familiar with it; once I got the hang of it, it became Id say some of the best PvP in a game I have played BECAUSE of how balanced it is and how you cant just hit a 5 button rotation and always kill your target.

I think most of the QQ'ing can be summed up by this quote:

Nerf Rock, Paper is fine. -- Scissors.