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12.24.2011 , 05:45 AM | #15
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Did i just read right? you are saying BH needs a nerf? *facedesk* imo BH is the most balanced of all the wanna be looking at SI...

Just because I mentioned one doesn't mean that the others are fine. Obviously SI needs looking into, but if you think that electro dart, they break out of it, followed by concussion missile to stun them again, followed by tracer missile tracer missile tracer missile tracer missile where each missile hits for 1000+ is balanced, you need your head checking.

Having said that, it's definitely the most fun class and has everything you need, if they come up to you, stun, flame thrower, or jet pack punch thing or jet boost to throw them away, the missiles are fun and death from above is one of the most epic feeling powers I've played in a game, but the ease of PVP as a BH is incredibly easy coming out with 40+ kills and under 5 deaths in every game.

That said, like I said if the other team actually targeted these players rather than leaving us alone to do our business it wouldn't look so one sided.