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Cogent reports a major fiber cut in the D.C. area. Rerouting of traffic will have major Internet traffic impact in North America.
Having worked on fiber optic lines myself as well as worked with others in the telecom industry I can tell you that this has no bearing on anything any of us are experiencing with the server outages, and certainly will have exactly zero impact on anyone outside metro DC. Every major fiberline in the world, and even minor ones like those in smaller municipalities, have multiple physical redundancy, meaning you can't just take a chainsaw or ax to a fiber optic line and take down a city's internet, much less a continent.

Also, this is the fiber that handles probably just Cogent's backbone in Washington DC. By no means is Cogent the only backbone provider, and by no means does this have any impact whatsoever on North American internet traffic as a whole.

Were you just trolling because you're as bored as I am right now waiting to get back into the game?
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