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01.02.2014 , 04:02 PM | #26
Do not do the "swap at 'x' stacks". I've cleared this fight many times, and tried out many different methods when it came out and the best method BY FAR for swapping is to have the tanks swap as soon as their stacks fall off. This ensures that neither tank will have more than 1-2 stacks ever, and the timing lines up with that of the adds nicely. Also this is the easiest to heal through. Someone will probably disagree with me and I'd like to tell them to go try it, swapping on "stacks" is iffy because they aren't consistent, and if one of the tanks gets hit hard with 3+ stacks that's it. Also as mentioned if a tank is getting stuck in the field that will also cause problems, they won't always die, but may get their stacks refreshed or take focus from the healers.
Another tip I'd like to give is to ALWAYS jump when avoiding or getting out of a circle, this causes the client to update your characters position, and while you may be out on your screen, if you do not jump you may still have the circle hit you, this depends on lag of course but its the safest way to go. Another example of where this is helpful is raptus when he does his deadly slash. (Both council and his solo fight)