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He said he has ~1500 CC. Did you even read the OP? How is this any kind of good "advice" on what to do with 1500 CC?

Edit: Doh! Andryah got there first.
One of my co-workers from three offices down just came to ask me what I was laughing at. Not only do the little trolls need to respond to every question on the forum but now you need to respond to everyone trying to answer.

So let me get this straight. You can't ask a genuine question ****OR**** provide a genuine answer without the trolls being trolls. Oh wait, I better check my spellling before I submit my reply. Did I have and dangling participles?

I'll give whatever advice I please to the OP. Nobody and I mean ***nobody*** here is seeking your approval or your acceptance of their posts on this forum. I'm always amused how tough and how superior the forum warriors can be when they are at home all safe and sound and anonymous behind their keyboards. I mean really.
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