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To answer the OPs question. Depending on how much cash you're willing to spend you have a few options here.

1.) Buy a hypercrate of packs. Sell stuff from the packs individually. This takes a lot of time and a lot of cash but you get tons of credits. You also get some stuff that you can keep for yourself.

2.) Buy just a few packs and sell them unopened. This is quick credits. Pretty much the same as buying credits from a Chinese gold farmer except EA is graciously accepting your money instead.

3.) Buy some packs and SIT on them. Wait for them to be embargoed. PROFIT.
Does not look to me like you actually read the OPs thread before you jumped into making a callout thread.

Here let me quote him and highlight for you:

Quote: Originally Posted by ashidokunn View Post
What should i buy for 1545 Cartel $$$

I need to sell it for high prize ant quite fast. Its anyway annoying to wait 36 hours and to wait next 36 would be a shame
Your answers did not even remotely address what he asked.

On topic: OP...... scan your GTN on your server for unlocks that are priced to sell (ie: the lowest list prices) at greater then a ratio of 1cc = 1000 credits and appear to be popular (like inventory and cargo unlocks). Since you have only about 1500 ccs.... pick lower cost (in CCs) unlocks and list them on the GTN at lowest list price-5% for fast sale. That is your lowest risk and best chance of a fast return. If you do not need full yield immediately, then list some as I have advised.. and then wait a few days to see what prices are mid-week... as you may be able to list somewhat higher in mid-week and earn more yield
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