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Well yes, social media has always defined what a friend is. Back in the day it used to be word of mouth socialization that defined it. Then we learned how to draw on cave walls. This new media put on rock who Grog found to be friends. Then we progressed to papyrus and paper. We took the paper and made books, some of these tomes we called dictionaries, a repository of socially acceptable terms defining words. We are now using the computer and internet, sadly that is where we are at, but in the end, that is what defines a friend, social media.
Definitions come and go, but the bonds that define what true friendship is remain the same - hard-wired, no matter how culture changes, no matter what gets called "friend" and what does not. It's pretty much an objective evolutionary mechanism for the mutual preservation. Everything more superficial than that is social frill, fluff, and is inconsequential and meaningless in the longer perspective.
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