Thread: [Cybertech] Alternate recipe sources for MODs
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01.02.2014 , 01:14 PM | #1
Are there other places to get this from besides the crew skill vendor?

The reason I ask is I thought the -A and -B suffix mods were better from what I saw on the GTN (and those are purchasable at 400+ and the no-suffix ones aren't) so I spent a lot of time/credits getting to be able to craft 25/28 purples but then found out in general chat the "standard" versions are better. I found I could buy those cheap on the GTN (way cheaper than it cost me to develop purple Deft Mod 25A/28A etc) but it seems there is no way to learn those recipes myself via buying form the vendor or reverse engineering. I've never seen a cybertech recipe for mods drop, is that something that happens endgame?